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INSIGHTREALTY GROUP, Inc. is a detail oriented real estate consultant driven by a client goal focus. Since its creation in 1979, INSIGHT has developed broad knowledge in all aspects of the real estate process from site selection meeting necessary criteria to post closing details necessary to assure success.


INSIGHT is knowledgeable in the market and can facilitate site selection to meet the client's needs for a project. INSIGHT has established relationships with both land planners and engineering firms to ensure a successful initial selection of a location.


INSIGHT also has a firm knowledge of the market and a long term and close working relationship with well-respected law firms to aid in reaching a satisfactory price and contract. For INSIGHT this is only the beginning. Many projects require land use or zoning changes and INSIGHT has aided many of its clients through these steps. Knowledge of the local concurrency process is a further plus to the client's eventual success.

INSIGHT's abilities go beyond relationships with government agencies to include consulting firms able to help in successfully navigating the regulatory course. INSIGHT has frequently accomplished objectives others have thought were unobtainable.

INSIGHT's relationships extend to design and engineering firms that can provide services to facilitate the reaching of a client's goals. INSIGHT continues after the closing to be available to help take a client's project to a successful conclusion after the real estate transaction is complete.

INSIGHTREALTY INVESTMENT COMPANY also provides investment support and direction. INSIGHT manages existing real estate investment portfolios and offers partnerships to take advantage of new opportunities identified by INSIGHT.

INSIGHT stands ready to review a clients needs and determine how INSIGHTREALTY INVESTMENT COMPANY can assist in achieving those goals.


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